Hacking CPW

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to plan ahead

  • This year, CPW will take place on April 12–15, 2018. So mark your calendars! We’re currently hard at work planning and preparing for your arrival. In the meantime, there are few things to take care of before you get here:

    CPW Action Checklist

    Register for CPW by March 24: Log in to your MyMIT account and click on the Registration link to the left of the box titled Campus Preview Weekend. If your plans change, you can update your CPW Registration Form simply by submitting it. If your parents or another guardian will be joining you for the weekend, they don’t need to register separately, just include their names on your Registration Form.

    Submit your Medical Release Form by March 24: You may email a PDF of your signed release to cpw@mit.edu with the subject line LAST, FIRST NAME, MEDICAL RELEASE or fax it to 617-258-8304. You will not be able to participate in CPW unless we have received it. Attendees under the age of 18 need a signature from their parent/guardian.

    Complete your Athletic Form: If you plan on keeping up with your fitness at the Z Center, you will need to sign the Athletic Waiver. You can bring it to registration or drop it off at the Z Center before you hit the treadmill.

  • Accommodations

    No need to worry about lodging! All pre-frosh will be housed by current students at MIT. Using your answers to the Registration Form, we’ll match you with a host (using a fancy undergraduate designed algorithm) who will be your resource throughout the weekend.


    Food & Treats

    Don’t worry about going hungry during the weekend. You will find a plethora of eating options throughout the four days, from student cookouts and liquid nitrogen ice cream to department sponsored events with all kinds of treats. We’ll also provide you with a TechCash card with $20.22 that you can use in our five campus dining halls and LaVerde's—our campus convenience store in the student center.

  • What to pack

    New England weather can be notoriously unpredictable, especially in April, so you should take a look at the weather forecast before packing. CPW is action-packed, so plan to bring clothes suitable for playing sports, working out, or soldering circuit boards.


    Don't forget...

    Sleeping bag / blanket



    Rain jacket

    Any medication you need

    Comfortable shoes