Find your passions both in and out of the classroom

Students cheering at a dance performance
  • Discover Your MIT

    At MIT, learning is about more than what is taught in the classroom—it’s about living here, choosing your own opportunities, and discovering who you are. With over 4,500 undergraduate students and hundreds of clubs, you’ll never run out of things to do here. Love chocolate? Join the student-run Laboratory for Chocolate Science. Or maybe you enjoy singing a capella? Check out one of MIT’s many a capella groups, like the Logarhythms. There is plenty for you to explore! 

  • Where you stay

    During your first year, you will live within one of our 10 residence halls alongside upperclassmen, graduate resident tutors, faculty heads of house, and professional staff who are all there to help you navigate your MIT experience and find your home here.


  • students cheering while dressed up in colorful costumes
  • A fleet of MIT sailboats on the Charles River


minute walk across the river to Boston


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Classes needed to obtain an MIT Pirate Certificate: 1) archery 2) fencing 3) pistol (or rifle) 4) sailing