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  • Student Questions


    What if I cannot stay for the entirety of CPW? Can I come for one night? One day? 97 minutes?

    Of course, we just ask that you still register on your MyMIT account. We'll match you with a host, even if you can only hang out with them for 10 of those 97 minutes.


    Where will I stay on campus? 

    Everyone will be housed with a current MIT student, in one of our 10 residence halls or in our Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups (FSILG), which are located both on the Cambridge campus and in the surrounding areas.


    What if I don't get along well with my host? 

    We will reassign students to backup hosts on a case-by-case basis.


    What if my host is a yeti? 

    Our records indicate that we do not have any yetis enrolled at MIT, so please alert us immediately if you are assigned to one; we would like the reward money.


    Will I have to pay for food? 

    We’ll give you a card with $20.24 you can use at any of our five dining halls on campus as well as retail dining locations. Over 50% of events have food at them.


    What about my family? 

    Families are allowed at nearly all events, but you may want to consider setting some boundaries if this will bother you. Family electric fences cannot be installed on campus, but we do have an agenda of Family Only events and Student Only events.


    What if I need help or get lost? 

    Call the CPW help desk line, 617.258.6085.


    What if there's an emergency on campus? 

    Although we don't anticipate any emergencies occurring during CPW, we're prepared for every scenario! Each student will automatically be enrolled in our “MIT Alert” program to receive emergency notifications during CPW. Family members who are also interested in receiving these alerts via text message, email, or phone call may register here. We also encourage you to follow @MITPrepared on Twitter and Facebook for additional updates.

  • Family FAQ


    What if my child can’t attend CPW?

    Although the unique CPW experience cannot be recreated, we can host your student for an overnight visit or they may spend a day shadowing a student (they can register through MyMIT).


    Can my child arrive early?

    We provide housing Thursday through Sunday. Students arriving early must make their own arrangements.


    How far is it to Boston? And how do I get there?

    Boston is a beautiful 15-minute walk across the Harvard Bridge. There are also frequent buses (#1), shuttles, and taxis available.


    Can families use the shuttle service?

    Yes, all shuttle services are open to family, including our Airport Shuttles (8 AM–9 PM Thursday, April 16, and 6 AM–noon Sunday, April 19).


    Can my child stay with us in a hotel?

    We recommend all admitted students stay with a host to experience everything CPW has to offer, but they may stay with family if they prefer. Please just let us know.


    Can family members attend the closing show, sit in on a class, and use athletic facilities?

    Due to capacity issues, the closing show, classes, and the athletic facilities are reserved for students. We do create many family-focused event throughout CPW that you can find in the Schedule section.


    What happens in the event of a medical emergency?

    MIT is serviced by its own MIT Police department and MIT EMS ambulance service, each of which can quickly respond to any emergency on campus. Thankfully, MIT is also surrounded by some of the world’s best hospitals. If your student experiences a medical emergency, arrangements will be made to contact you ASAP and provide you with the appropriate instructions and resources.


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