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Congratulations on your admission to MIT! Curious about Acapella? Undecided on your favorite hack? Yearning to learn more about our nanobionic spinach? Campus Preview Weekend can help. CPW is an action-packed event designed to provide a first-hand glimpse into how we live and learn at MIT. Over the course of 3.14159 days, you’ll immerse yourself in classes, labs, groups, and residence halls. With over 650 events, there’s ample opportunity for you to customize it to your interests. Get to know current students and faculty members, meet and mingle with the class of 2021, and dive headfirst into our vibrant and dynamic community. But most importantly, see how you fit into it all.

CPW 2017 is Thursday, April 6th through Sunday, April 9th. Register now though your MyMIT account.


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Campus Preview Weekend 2017