See the world differently

At MIT, you'll develop the ability to solve problems before most people even realize they exist. With all of the amazing resources, faculty, and fellow students willing to help, you'll be able to develop and test your theories and inventions.

Courses like 2.009 will give you the opportunity to explore and expand your idea of what is possible. You'll master the art of thinking outside the box, learn how to effectively collaborate, and understand the impact of the work you do.

We hope you'll explore how MIT can change your worldview.

I feel incredibly lucky every day to be part of such an amazing and talented community.

Lydia K. '14, MEng '16
I'm just getting acclimated to how much time needs to be allocated to different psets and readings.
Krystal L. '17

You do not have to hide the things about you that make you the weird kid in the room.

Keri G. '10

One thing I really like about MIT is that there is a HASS requirement.

Rachel D. '16

Over the past few years I've gotten very involved in the Boston startup ecosystem.

Erick P. '17

Welcome from current MIT students