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It all begins with an idea

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We believe in asking our students to think big—with no prior experience required. And that is where MIT InnovationHQ (or iHQ) comes into play. iHQ is the hub for MIT’s incredible community of innovators and entrepreneurs. Located right above the admissions office (come by and say 👋), iHQ provides space where all students can meet, work, brainstorm, and host & attend events. The space is designed to encourage chance meetings & opportunities that support all students so you can chart your own unique innovation journey.  

All located in the same building, iHQ hosts a number of organizations that offer programs for students at almost every stage of the innovation process.  


MIT has over 40 design/build/maker spaces on campus. In an effort to foster maker communities, we developed the MakerLodge program. MakerLodge is designed for first-year students and transfer students in their first year at MIT. You'll be trained on introductory tech including 3D printers, laser cutters, micro/nano making, and glass working—to name just a few!

There are three kinds of makerspaces: machine shops, project spaces, and community spaces. Machine shops specialize in training, mentoring, and making, and tend to focus on the creation of complex systems or fine-detailed components. Project makerspaces primarily support class projects, and community makerspaces foster unrestricted making via a community effort.

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